Mutual Attraction was Sylvester’s final studio album before his untimely passing. It features a particularly campy cover, designed to the hilt in a pastiche of ’30s style, reminiscent of the visual direction of Grace Jones albums. The music has a more aggressive sound than audiences would come to expect from the Disco mastermind, reflecting the sonic trends of 1986. The album has a quintessentially ’80s feeling, with synths bouncing off Sylvester’s passionate vocals on high-octane scorchers like “Talk to Me” and the witty under-tempo cut “Mutual Attraction,” while “Living for the City” finds him taking Stevie Wonder’s brilliant tune and making it his own.

Mutual Attraction

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  1. Someone Like You
  2. Living For The City
  3. Summertime
  4. Mutual Attraction
  5. Talk To Me
  6. Cool Of The Evening
  7. Sooner Or Later
  8. Anything Can Happen
  • Backing Vocals – Jeanie Tracy (tracks: A1, A2, B1 to B3)
  •  Jerry Kirby (tracks: A1, B2, B4)
  • Lynette Hawkins Stephens (tracks: A2, B1, B3)
  • Producer – Ken Kessie (tracks: A1 to A3, B1, B2)
  • Morey Goldstein (tracks: A1 to A3, B1, B2)